Positioning midwifery

Work package 3 leader : Mechthild Gross (MHH)

Team members :

Claudia Hanson (KI) 
Gorrette Nalwadda (UG) 
Gisele Houngbo (BJ) 
Regine Unkels (KI) 
Effie Chipeta (MW) 
Bianca Kandeya (MW) 
Razak Mussa (MW) 
Beatrice Mwilike (TZA – MUHAS) 
Lilian Mselle (TZA – MUHAS) 
Dickson Mkoka (TZA – MUHAS) 
Josephine Babirye (UG) 
Elizabeth Ayebare (UG) 
Gertrude Namazzi (UG)  
Ann-Beth Moller (WHO) 

The aim :

End-user participation of women, families and providers of intrapartum care, will be used to inform, develop and implement an intrapartum in-service training package. The in-service package will include competency based training with a focus on intrapartum care, and leadership mentoring skills of maternity unit leaders.

Description of work

Every country will include, amongst others, an advanced midwifery leader as a member of WP3 to oversee the activities within each country. WP3 will develop an assessment tool of midwifery providers’ knowledge, skills and competences based on international guidance including the International Childbirth Initiative. It will use methods from cognitive science to take into consideration the complexity of the working environment. The assessment will use objective structured clinical examination methodologies and will target not only nurse-midwives and midwives but all maternity providers and professions. Existing maternity in-service training materials and mentoring packages in low and middle income countries (LMICs) will be reviewed and training resources currently available in each country will be identified. Combined, these findings will be used to develop the in-service training package that will include competency based training and leadership mentoring.

The ALERT intervention implementation manual

The manual describes the intervention and its various components. It is a core document of ALERT project to facilitate and structure the implementation  and communication especially on the quality improvement and mentor strategy. You can download here

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