Policy exchange, learning and exploitation

Work package 9 leader : Helle Mölsted Alvesson (KI)

Team members : 

Jean-Paul Dossou (BJ) Medrina Mtende (MW)
Eric Akpi (BJ) Andrea B. Pembe (TZA -MUHAS)  
Regine Unkels (KI) Peter Waiswa (UG)
Maria del Rosario Alsina (KI)

The aim : 
The ALERT project acknowledges the circular relationship between evidence, policies, outcomes and health strategies where the community, civil society and stakeholders need to be co-producers of strategies for alignment to needs, national structures and priorities. The overall objective of WP9 therefore is to engage national and international stakeholders throughout the project to maximise learning and utilisation; to influence policy and practice; and to maximise impact.

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