Health economic evaluation

WP 8 aims to inform the decision to scale up the intervention by assessing the costs and outcomes from the intervention. The economic evaluation will focus on one hospital per country enrolled in Stage 3 of the trial and complement the realist evaluation carried out by WP7.

Work package leader : Wim van Damme (ITM)

Team members :

Rian Snijders (ITM)
Armelle Vigan (BJ) 
Lenka Benova (ITM) 
Kristi S. Annerstedt (KI) 
Soha El-Halabi (KI) 
Bianca Kendaya (MW) 
Fadhlun Alwy Al-Beity (TZA-MUHAS) 
Gertrude Namazzi (UG)

The Aim
Our cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) will focus on the net costs and clinical outcomes resulting from the intervention. Our costing will use a societal perspective which encompasses both the healthcare provider and the patient. The primary outcome measurements for the CEA analysis will be the decrease in the stillbirth rate and in-facility perinatal mortality. The equity analysis will assess the extent of social inequalities (by women’s age, socio-economic status, etc) thus addressing the needs of vulnerable and marginalised populations. The costs will be calculated in local currency for the relevant reference year.

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