Overcoming systems and implementation bottlenecks

Work package leader : Jean-Paul Dossou (BJ)

Team members :

Christelle Boyi (BJ) 
Gottfried Agballa (BJ) 
Armelle Vigan (BJ) 
Eric Akpi (BJ) 
Thérèse Delvaux (ITM) 
Lenka Benova (ITM) 
Claudia Hanson (KI) 
Kristi S. Annerstedt (KI) 
Bianca Kendaya (MW) 
Razak Mussa (MW) 
Dickson Mkoka (TZA-MUHAS) 
Fadhlun Alwy Al-Beity (TZA – MUHAS) 
Gertrude Namazzi (UG) 
Elizabeth Ayebare (UG)  
Josephine Babirye (UG) 

The Aim : 
WP4 aims to analyse the health system context and implementation bottlenecks for quality intrapartum care linked to the first 1000 days of life. To achieve this, a health system context assessment, that will include in-depth interviews with key decision makers, will take place in each ALERT hospital. The assessment will include governance structures, human resource availability and management, interactions with the community, main sources of funding and hospital expenditures, availability of drugs and equipment and functionality of the health information system. Root causes of bottlenecks, and the critical points of action to address these, will be explored. Combined, findings will inform the development and implementation of the quality improvement and coordination arm of the ALERT intervention.

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