e-Perinatal Registry

Work package 5 leader : Hussein Kidanto (TZA-AKU)

Team Members

Muzdalifat Abeid (TZA- AKU) 
Gottfried Agballa (BJ) 
Christian AGOSSOU (BJ) 
Claudia Hanson (KI) 
Kristi S. Annerstedt (KI) 
Maria del Rosario Alsina (KI) 
Regine Unkels (KI) 
Manuela Straneo (KI) 
Gabriel Maliwata (MW) 
Bianca Kandeya (MW) 
Tumbwene Mwansisya (TZA-AKU) 
Zamoyoni Julius (TZA-AKU) 
Joseph Akuze (UG) 
Philip Wanduru (UG) 
Josephine Babirye (UG) 

The Aim
Work Package 5 will develop and implement a hospital-based clinical perinatal e-registry.  The perinatal e-registry responds to the call to invest in better data derived from routine registers. The aim of the e-registry is three-fold: 1) to obtain indicators of process, outcomes and impact for the ALERT evaluation, including socio-economic stratifiers, 2) to support the QI and bottleneck analysis by providing regular feedback to midwifery providers and 3) to provide a data source for multi-country research. The e-registry will be informed by similar e-registers currently used in Tanzania and the EU, and will be implemented in all ALERT hospitals

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