Data Collection Glimpse from Co-design team

Co-design team members in the four countries were selected and trained based on a criteria-based template to secure representation of social scientists, midwives, and public health experts. Each country team included senior social scientists with experience of qualitative data collections.

The co-design process was planned in four phases:

  • interviews, focus group discussions and observations with end-users: providers, women who had given birth at the hospital and companions;
  • presentation and discussion with providers and women in all four hospitals in each of the four countries on the preliminary data analysis;
  • ALERT Consortium presentation and discussion of challenging topics relevant to the intervention development; and
  • agreement in the consortium on complex behaviours of importance for the success of the intervention to be continuously discussed with the end-users.

On this page you can follow our work through methodological briefs and movies; and later on publications.

Three glimpses into the processes of qualitative data collection at hospitals are given in the movies below.

Debriefing observations
Discussing potential bias
Taking notes during observations


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