Co-design Processes

Analyse domains, constructs and drivers of responsiveness and professionalism among providers of midwifery care.

Positioning midwifery

Inform, develop and implement an intrapartum in-service training package utilized end-user participation of women, families and providers of intrapartum care

Overcoming systems and implementation bottlenecks

Analyse the health system and implementation bottlenecks for quality intrapartum care linked to the first 1000 days of life.

e-Perinatal Registry

Develop and implement a hospital-based clinical perinatal e-registry.

Trial management and
effect evaluation

Manage the ALERT trial and evaluate the effect of the ALERT intervention on primary and secondary outcomes. 

Realist process evaluation

 Identify and test the causal pathways through which the ALERT intervention is expected to achieve its impact.

Health economic evaluation

Inform the decision makers to scale up the intervention by assessing the costs and outcomes from the intervention.

Policy exchange,
learning and exploitation

Engage national and international stakeholders to maximise learning and influence policy and practice

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