Wim Van Damme, MD, MPH, PhD

Professor in Public Health

12 years of field experience (Peru, Sudan, Guinea, Cambodia). Since 20 years at ITM-Antwerp. teaching public health at international MPH; coaching international PhD students. Research on PHC, health systems, workforce, health financing, HIV scale-up, NCD care, health governance

Contact: wvdamme@itg.be

Selected Publications:
Leaving no one behind: lessons from implementation of policies for universal HIV treatment to universal health coverage  Y Assefa, PS Hill, W Van Damme, J Dean, CF Gilks  Globalization and Health 16 (1), 1-9    Community health extension program of Ethiopia, 2003-2018: successes and challenges toward universal coverage for primary healthcare services  Y Assefa, YA Gelaw, PS Hill, BW Taye, W Van Damme  Globalization and health 15 (1), 24    From primary health care to universal health coverage–one step forward and two steps back  D Sanders, S Nandi, R Labonté, C Vance, W Van Damme  The Lancet 394 (10199), 619-62

Networks: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wim_Van_Damme; https://scholar.google.be/citations?user=w_zbNmoAAAAJ&hl=en;

Keywords: PHC, UHC, health systems, health policy, governance

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