Samuel Meja, MBBS, MMED

I have been in the department of O&G since 2014, mainly as an academic tutor. I have been involved in research ranging from design and evaluation of low-cost but robust medical devices for use in low resource settings to implementation research in the delivery of quality care in labour.


Selected Publications:
1. Causey, L., Meja, S., Kommwa, E. C., Bonongwe, P., Mataya, R., Nguyen, H., Mendez Figueroa, H., Skerrett, E., Young, T., Maynard, K., Oden, Z. M., & Richards-Kortum, R. (2020). Design and evaluation of a low-cost sphygmomanometer to monitor women with pre-eclampsia in low-resource settings. Global Health Innovation, 3(1).
2. Rudd P., Dermot G., Meja S. et al. Cervical cancer in southern Malawi: A prospective analysis of presentation, management, and outcomes. Malawi Med J. 2017 Jun

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