Kéfilath Bello, MD, MPH

I am a Public Health Medical Doctor. I’m working as a research fellow at the ‘Centre de recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Démographie’, since June 2015. My research work focuses on human resource management and quality improvement strategies for improving primary health care. I am currently doing a PhD at the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Antwerp. My PhD work is about the models of practice that could improve the contribution of medical doctors to primary health care improvement in Benin. Furthermore, I am involved in several activities with my research centre aiming at improving the stakeholders’ collaboration and promoting evidence based decision-making for achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Contacts: kefilath@gmail.com

Networks: https://www.linkedin.com/in/k%C3%A9filath-bello-b95a4b88/

Keywords: Health systems research, Policy dialogue, Human Ressources for Health, Primary Health Care, Quality Improvement

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